Thursday, 17 December 2015

These Days

last few months was the most hectic el momento of my life and i dont even have time to do something artsy or whatever. Just doing assignments and workloads of tasks. But ive survived ! now im just waiting for my graduation day while doing intern in local institute.Glad ive survived. Glad WE survived. BUT. im completely out of my radar after i completed my last semester in college. that feeling when you used to be sooo busy that you could even forget your name AND suddenly you've got soo much time to be wasted during the break. i could win a trophies for being able to waste my time for like 2 months ! even i couldnt forgive myself due of my poor time managements.  my friends applied for part time job but.. the thought of it made me shivers. i'd never like to deal with people. im an introvert and clumsy. i should  work at Dreamland a.k.a sleeping. i could work there all day long. ngee

but i managed to do one or two things that would sate my boredom

doing the nail-henna thing, baking,strumming the guitar and reading books
eat eat eat ! my love for ice cream was infinite

mi gato !
doing braids for my niece
GTA 5- Trevor is one such crazy uncle ! (im a hardcore gamers)

and enjoying these majestic sights

and most of the day i just sit back and enjoy these music- never get enough of these songs
#Arcticmonkey #Thekillers *fangirling*


i've been diligently learning on how to knit and the hard work paid off.. at least i know how to make stuffed toys for now. but seriously, knitting is not some sort of skills that could be mastered over-night. i've cried seriously i've cried while learning these.

si, hablo espanol, y tu?

it's amazing how language differ from one to another country. Hence, i'd love to explore those languages. i had learnt Arabic,Japanese, and Hangul
 when im 14, last year i took mandarin classes for 3 semesters and currently Spanish. oh i also understand Indonesian but could never speak like the natives *laugh*  But Malay language is my forte :D  Big yeay for me. 
#but i ended up messing those words and they mix altogether so it's safe to say that i speak international rojak languages. 

# i've tried lots of random hobbies dats why i said my life is out of the radar

inspired enough to do these

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