Drawing Tips

Draw your life
 we have a gift called imagination. Try to draw something that is straight from your mind. Or you could draw anything around you, for example keys, cars, pets or your bottle. Try to pick something that is simple to copy. You’ll improve over time.

 Online lessons
There’s a ton of online lessons whether in written or visual forms. You can find lot of video tutorials on youtube such as speed drawing and tutorials for beginners. You may not catch up entirely of what they did but you will have the idea of how they stroke their pencils and draw.

Drawing lessons
 the best way to learn is by face to face lessons. You’ll be straight away taught on how to draw properly and corrected by experts. We learn by mistakes and by mistakes we could improve ourselves.

Motivates yourself
keep yourself motivated and bear in mind that you could draw anything and eventually you will. So, never give up if drawing is your passion.

For instance, I myself, never thought that I could draw a life portraits until I’m 16 and came across a portrait of a tiger and I decided to imitate. And here’s the result 
i was terrified to believe that i could make this and i almost think that my hand were possessed

and suddenly i realized that i can do this and started to draw more

and then i want to try out other drawing style

These are my latest drawing

After all, i used to draw like this

one of my earliest drawings- ive started with stick figures when i'm about 5 and then it evolves into anime as im addicted of japanese manga. 

 i drew anime most of the time until i started to try another drawing style in high school. my drawing style change over time from stick figure- cartoons- landscape- anime- gothic and dark drawings- fashion illustrations- chibi anime-realistic drawing - abstract drawing- and now im thinking of stippling drawing

This quote is one of my motivation and i keep holding on to it
'Everything you can imagine is real'
Pablo Picasso

How To Preserve Your Masterpiece

it is fun to see our drawings improve from time to time, but, papers sometimes could be damaged or the drawings will be worn put. There were couple of methods to prevent this:

 By using fixatives, hairsprays

Fixatives is the most preferable options out of the two as hairsprays will turn the paper into yellow as time goes by and increase the risk of damaging the drawing if used carelessly. Fixatives can be obtained from any stationeries stores.

How to avoid from smudging the drawings

Sometimes excessive charcoal and shadings can smudge your drawing.  You could avoid smudging your drawings by placing paper or tissues beneath your palms while drawing, smudging also can be avoided if you follow the right directions of drawing (lefties-from right to left, right hander’s- left to right)

Common Beginner's Mistakes

Hand positions and directions
for lefties, you should started drawing from right to left and for vice versa for right hander’s. It will avoid you from smudging the drawing as charcoal could easily smudge and reacts with the sweaty hands.

       wrong compositions
Can you detect what has gone wrong in the drawing at the upper side ?

The eyes are misplaced and way down for the hairline and everything is out of places making the portrait resembles some ‘avatar’ character.

right composition

 Stiff figures
 we often neglects the angles in drawing, it is important because angles determines how the models lean or resting and their motions. Neglecting angles will cause stiffness and unreal objects.

 Lack of details
we tend to ignore the surrounding of the objects making it appear to be ‘floating’. So, artist had to include some of the environment to make it ‘real’, solid and more grounded.

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