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Understanding The Drawing Developments in Children

Not everyone can jump into the art of drawing instantly, they need to develop their own styles and keep practicing. So it is important for us to know about the stage of art development so that we can identify which stage we belongs to. Some people still belongs to the medium stage of drawing eventhough they already reached adulthood. That is why they need to improve themselves from time to time.

1.   Scribble Stages (1-3 years old)

Children at these ages were engaged in the physical activity of drawing. They solely draw just for fun.

2.   Preschematic Stage (3-4 years old)  
      Children began to see the connection of the shapes that they draw and related it to their world. Children make connection to communicate through their drawing at this stage.

3.   The Schematic Stage (5-6 years old)
Children at these ages began to engage in their drawings and develop schema. There is clear separation of details in their drawing such as the sky and ground. Objects which were important were drawn bigger compared to others. At least we can see what they were trying to convey in this stage

4.   The Dawning Realism (7-9 years old)
Their drawing is more structured and resembles the actual objects and have meanings.

5.   The Pseudo- Naturalistic Stage (10-13 years old)

The drawings will have the lightning value and other details. The artistic developments were crucial in these stages as the children were critical of their arts. So it is important to encourage them in this stage.

6.   The Decision Stage(13-16 years old)
Children in this stage will decide whether to keep drawing or to do it occasionally. Because the level of self criticism was influenced at this stage and will affect their adulthood. children who stopped drawing at these age will think that they did not possess any drawing skill later in their adulthood. In fact, everyone could draw in the first place.

Children's Activities

-Leisure activities/ Children activities could develops creativity among young children in the long run !
Try this activities!

 Fruit and vegetables portraits

This activities could promotes the love of eating fruits and vegetables among kids ! just grab some colors and fruits images.
1)       You would had to outline a round shape for them first.
2)       Ask the children to draw a face using the fruits that they know or the images that you provided.
3)       Appreciate and reward them by hanging the best drawings on the refrigerator. Children loves being appreciated J  

  stone story telling/ emotions

1)       collect some wide stones and provide water colors or some sharpies
2)       ask the children to draw anything about their day or their emotions on the stones
3)       you could ask them to narrate a story for you based on the drawing that they draw on the stone or tell you how they were feeling.
4)       Or you could narrate a short story for them based on the stone’s drawing 


1)       The easiest of all, paint some watercolors on their palm and make a hand prints on a paper.
2)       There were various creative figures to be created depending on the children’s creativity

Paper plate

1)       Grab some paper plates, sharpies and anything fancy
2)       You can turn those plates into fish, smileys or face and ask the children to decorate it with ribbons etc.
3)       Be cautious of using scissors and keep it away from the children 

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