Fun Facts of Drawing

Drawing is fun. So here comes the fun Facts of drawing ! Enjoy !

1) a person who prepares technical drawing and plans is called draughtsman
2) a person who is left handed is called ‘southpaw’ and the official left handed day is on 13 August
3) World’s famous Picasso was hauled on questioned for stealing Mona Lisa on 1911 but later was released.
4) Pablo Picasso’s first word was “piz” which means pencil in Spanish
5) there is a guy who draws masterpieces while sleepwalking, he had no memories of drawing it when he woke up the next day.

6) There is a toy manufacturer who made children’s drawing into toys
7)  The sketch of rose wearing only the Heart of The Ocean diamond was drawn by the movie director, James Cameron. The hand that is drawing the picture in the movie in fact was Cameron’s. Plus, Cameron drew all the pictures in Jack’s sketch books.

8) This is the art of Brian Lai, he draws in negatives.
9) Vincent Van Gogh took his own life in July 1890. he couldnt take the demands of himsef, mental illness,and his relationship with his brother. He felt that he failed to become both artist and human being.

BONUS: Masterpiece around the world

here's a bonus information for you guys for being a loyal readers ! Let's find out top 10 most famous drawings of all times !

10. Guernica by Pablo Picasso (1.6 Million Dollar)

Who didnt know picasso? its Picasso of course his arts is one of the masterpiece of all time !

Picasso emphasize the tragedy and sufferings of war and in this case, probably the Nazi's bombing on the Basque town in Guernica which took place during the civil war. This drawing is the reaction of the tragedy and how it takes toll on the people.

9. Self  portrait without beard by Vincent Gogh ($ 71 502 500)

Van Gogh painted many portraits of himself

This painting is believed to be his final works and currently the most expensive paintings sold at $71 502 500 and now was a private collection.

8. The Night Watch- Rembrandt 

This painting is the most famous painting with Baroque style

Currently displayed at Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and originally called The Company of Frans Banning cocq and Willem van Ruytenburch.  

7.  Girl With Pearl Earring- Johannes Vermeer 

Did you know?this painting also known as Mona Lisa of the north.
Not much details can be found about this intriguing painting and that is why it is special, we all know Mona Lisa's story and this painting has almost the same details as it.  Everyone is wondering who is this girl and what is her relationship with Vermeer and the mystery is part of it's popularity.  

6. The Persistence of Memory- Salvador Dali

This painting is an eye trick- according toDali.

Dali was self induced with hallucination and it was clearly depicted in his painting. Yes. We can see that. From the melting watches to the decay implied by the swarming ants. that is what he called “the usual paralyzing tricks of eye-fooling,” Yes. he's the master of eye tricks.

5. The Scream- Edward Munch ($120 Million) 

This painting was painter based on the actual experiences of the painter.
The painting depicted intense emotional state the painter was in. He even wrote the visionary experiences in words: 

I went along the road with two friends—

The sun set
Suddenly the sky became blood—and I felt the breath of sadness
A tearing pain beneath my heart
I stopped—leaned against the fence—deathly tired
Clouds over the fjord of blood dripped reeking with blood
My friends went on but I just stood trembling with an open wound
in my breast trembling with anxiety I heard a huge extraordinary
scream pass through nature.

4. Starry Night- Vincent Gogh 
Starry Night is one of the most well known paintings in modern culture.
Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh has risen to the peak of artistic achievements. Although Van Gogh sold only one painting in his life, the aftermath of his work is enormous. Starry Night is the inspiration of "Vincent" by Don Mclean.

Now w're getting near the top 3 ! *Drumroll*

3. The Creation of Adam- Michelangelo

in the third spot ! as expected, the work of Michelangeloin is magic.  1508, Michelangelo had been commisioned by Pope Julius II to paint a series of ceiling frescos for the Sistine Chapel. A project which then became his most celebrated masterpiece.

2. The Last Supper- Leonardo Da vinci

The original painting is about 15 feet by 29 feet.

In order to spend all the time he needed to perfect every detail, da Vinci invented his own techniques by using tempera paints on stone. He primed the wall with a material that he hoped would accept the tempera and protect the paint against moisture. but then his new methods was a failure and 5 decades after that the painting started to decay. Sad but true. 

And here we come

1. Mona Lisa- Leonardo Da Vinci (780 million USD)

Mona Lisa is the treasure of the world !

The history of Mona lisa still shrouded with mystery. Who is she? What is her relation with Lenardo Da Vinci? It might be the mystery that made it gain its reputation. Just like the Girl with Pearl Earring.  Well, we all love mysteries.

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